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Interview: Carl Chiarenza on Boston Photography

Interview with Charles Giuliano 

August 7, 2019



Berkshire Fine Arts


During graduate study at Boston University photographer Carl Chiarenza was a professor, mentor and friend. We spoke at length about how JFK and the Vietnam War nudged him into studying art history. At Harvard he was the first American to write a dissertation on photography. It was a biography and critical study of then living American icon Aaron Siskind. Now retired from the University of Rochester he continues to create new work.



The Polaroid Project: At the Intersection of Art and Technology

Group Exhibition 




Featured artists include:

Carl Chiarenza 


Musee Mccord


690 Sherbrooke Street West

Montreal, (Quebec) H3A 1E9


A unique opportunity to discover the extraordinary artistic and scientific creativity of Polaroid photography. At the intersection of art and technology, the exhibition presents the original works of some 100 of the most celebrated international artists of the 20th century along with the cameras they used.The Polaroid, both an image and a wonderful tool, was invented by Edwin Land in 1947. It remains, despite the decline of the company, associated in the collective imagination with innovation, efficiency and leisure.


Carl Chiarenza at VMFA

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts proudly announces the upcoming exhibition of works by photographer Carl Chiarenza.


May 17 – November 12, 2019


VMFA Photography Gallery

200 N. Boulevard

Richmond, VA 23220


Since the late 1960s, Chiarenza has been a leading figure in a movement that seeks to expand the conceptual boundaries of photography. Chiarenza’s photographs have been included in more than 80 solo and 250 group exhibitions since 1957. His black and white photographs, which often contain elements of collage, have continued to challenge notions of landscape, abstraction, visitor perspective, and the very medium of photography itself.


This free exhibition is curated by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Executive Director and CEO Alex Nyerges.


“The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is incredibly grateful to Carl Chiarenza for his generous gift of works to the museum,” says Nyerges. “I am honored to curate the first Chiarenza exhibition at VMFA, and hope that these twenty-two phenomenal works will offer museum members and visitors an opportunity for a deeper understanding and fresh perspective of the limitless world of photography.” 

White/Black Invitational

Group Exhibition 


May 10 - June 22, 2019


Featured artists include:

Carl Chiarenza 


Flower City Arts Center 


713 Monroe Ave

Rochester, NY 14607

“Each episode in the Symphony,” Stravinsky wrote, “is linked in my imagination with a specific cinematographic impression of the war. But the Symphony is not programmatic. Composers combine notes—that is all. How and in what form the things of this world are impressed upon their music is not for them to say.”