Photographs Off the Wall Folios, Chapbooks and Keepsakes

Center for Photographic Art

May 4 - June 22, 2013

San Carlos Street at 9th Avenue
Carmel, CA, 93921
(831) 625-5181

Curator: Brooks Jensen


This exhibition consists of nineteen different folios including collections by David Grant Best, Carl Chiarenza, Chuck Davis, Mitch Dobrowner, Robert Hecht, Brooks Jensen, Kim Kauffman, Chuck Kimmerle, Don Kirby, Stu Levy, Harold Ross, Camille Seaman, Mark Singles, Hans Strand, Peter Tonningsen, and Huntington Witherill. Also incorporated in the exhibition are several chapbooks for hands-on viewing. In addition, many unique keepsakes will be displayed. Beyond enjoying the art of photography, this exhibition is aimed at inspiring new ways to consider when presenting photographs.

Not every photographic project or image needs to be presented on the wall.“In fact,”says Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork and curator of this exhibition,“I often wonder if weʼd see this presentation nearly so often if Alfred Stieglitz hadnʼt copied the gallery presentation of paintings. Stieglitz hoped to increase photographyʼs stature in the art world in those early days by mimicking the use of frames and the gallery wall. If, however, we decide to look for alternatives and break from framed prints on the wall, we find a world of creative possibilities.”

In this exhibition, we present samples of folios, chapbooks, and keepsakes from the LensWork Special Editions collection and from Brooks Jensenʼs personal work. Working with the photographers theyʼve published in LensWork, the editors  collaborate with photographers in the spirit of the Ansel Adams Special Editions to present work produced under the approval of the artists, but not as artist-made original artwork. This allows the LensWork Special Editions to maintain the highest form of reproduction and image fidelity but at an affordable,“real people”pricing structure. LensWork has been producing Special Editions since 1998 and worked with dozens of photographers to bring their vision to within affordable reach of people who love fine art photography.